Children's Books

University Classic, Ltd., Publishers
1. Dr. Nim and the Strange Quest by Tommy L.

2. Digger Gets Help by Lia Brewer

3. The Night of the Willies by Professor 'Smart' Auklick and illustrated by Troy Hitch

Dr. Nim and the Strange Quest is the story of Dr. Nim trying to repair his robot: Nombex. While trying to repair this machine, he found something was missing from deep inside the Nombex. He was looking for the rarest of thing to cause Nombex to open its eyes.

ISBN # 0-914127-63-2, $9.95

Digger Gets Help: A story about sexual abuse for children. It helps the children to deal with the abuse by pointing out ways the abuser uses to control, create fear and helplessness in the victims. The basic goals of the book is to; alter inappropriate behavior, alleviate stress and trauma, increase self esteem and coping skills and teach the child how to ask for what he/she needs.

ISBN # 0-914127-72-1, $12.95

The Night of the Willies: An exciting story to help children deal with nighttime fears of the dark. The thunder and lightening in the night, and at bedtime can be a very frightening experience. Such events can be horrifying for some children and have been known to cause a lifetime fear of storms. The story is written in rhyme and shows how fear becomes real in the dark of the night.

ISBN # 0-914127-65-9, $12.95

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