Rilla Underwood for the memory of her beloved son Ray Underwood

All That Hums Poetry and Lyrics of Ray Underwood Photography and Art by Rilla Underwood

Rilla Underwood; a teacher and a professional photographer

The Poetry and Lyrics of Ray Underwood are prodigious, profound, acutely observed, deeply felt. Often funny. Sometimes silly. Always remarkable.

"This is not merely the work of one who writes poems. Rather, it is that of a poet," commented acclaimed poet of Ray Underwood while he was still in high school.

All That Hums is a book that magically expresses the essence of art and words in just a few pages.

"Ray was a poet of great warmth, wit and inspiration. It is wonderful to see his work so beautifully presented." Michael Feinstein

"Reading Ray Underwood's poetry is a magical and emotional journey from which it is difficult to return to our mundane world. His collected works in All That Hums are an inspiration." Linda Kozlowski

ISBN # 0-9649898-0-8, 80 pages, 16 color illustrations, 8-1/2" x 8-1/2"

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